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"ramble on"   
09:48am 20/09/2006
  I like all my classes this semester.

the sucky part is getting adjusted to all the studying and processing of information. it's fun though I can't complain.

I feel like I am actually working twards something. I always have to be doing something.

I just signed for my loan. kinda scary but neccessary if I am to succeed.

I miss everyone and need to know what the heck everyone has been up too.

call me please !

oh and guess whu turns 25 on the 26th ?


Laters guys.
09:51am 05/07/2006
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10:17am 22/09/2005
You Are A: Duckling!

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12:03am 30/08/2005
mood: sleepy
had a goodnight with mariel and greg. its always nice to have intellegent,warm hearted people as a part of your friendship circle. I really like greg. and o need to mention mariel. she's awesome.

only a few more days and my heart will be complete once more.


tomorrow is looking for work day with robbie !!
do it man.   
07:07pm 23/08/2005
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11:30pm 03/07/2005
mood: sleepy
My fish died today.

That makes me sad. It lived a long life though.

3 years and she was a Beta. I have to say she was well taken care of.

Life goes on.

Tomorrow is Fireworks. Hanging with Mariel and her Family, Then going to Greg's house for some nice tall Margaritas.

Work has been soooooo tiring lately. Thank God I don't shift lead tomorrow. I like shift leading though. Just not sometimes. I like my job. Just not ALL the time.

jesus !   
07:44pm 02/07/2005

in better news ....

I am going to sleep ... I think .
11:13pm 29/06/2005
mood: restless
Watching Gone With The Wind because I can not sleep.

Good God !

I need to sleep.
round the way girl   
11:00pm 28/06/2005
mood: sleepy
So last night I went out as was planned. It was actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself.

Went to club congress and the drinks were cheap. I decided to go because I refuse to turn into a totally hermit.

I left my house rather early. So by the time robbie,rick, and everyone else showed up I had already had 4 drinks. I danced the entire night and it was great. Robbie's boyfriend David is such a cutie! and so is Sarah. Shes like really hot.

Anyway I better get me some sleep. Tomorrow I pay bills and relax some more.


Talked to Daniel and made me happy.

Sleep time !
is this it ?   
07:06pm 27/06/2005
mood: relaxed
I hate knowing what I am going to do before I have a chance to make up my mind.
yeah yeah ... since you've been gone.   
06:25pm 25/06/2005
mood: drained
My god I've been tired !

I don;t know what it is but I am not getting as much sleep as I was getting before I wasn't getting any.

brb ...
something in my freaking eye !

oooookay ...

Nothing much here to report. I've just been in a writing mood lately. Work was really hectic today and I was getting in a pissy mood. I like being downstairs and stuff but sometimes I can't deal with peoples attitudes. I can't even deal with mine.

I don't beleive anyone anymore. I have faith in me and me alone because I can only control my actions. and every desicon has to be made in this mind set. I never thought of it in these terms before but now that I do I have some kind of power I did not have before.

I can only control me and if something goes wrong I only have myself to blame. Its a good feeling because dealing with blaming other people is just so much hard work.

I've been listening to Ludacris and I really like him. He has really awesome beats. His lyrics are awesome too. I have James copy of his latest CD. I liek listening to it in my car.

anyway .. more work tomorrow

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09:36pm 23/06/2005
mood: tired
Who knew that dying pants could be so hard.

phewwww ...

Anyway, I great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. There are so many things that need change around here. Pants are the start.

I need to make james a Birthday card but I am too busy relaxing.


I hate when I feel like this. Its like non stop lazy party central.

I am tired later suckers ... time for more pant action !


so so   
12:34pm 21/06/2005
mood: tired
this is my new home. I like it here better. Too many people know about the other journal. I feel tired. But I have the next day and a half off. I need to write a letter but I don't feel in the mood. I need to DL more songs.

I am also delving into my reading side. I picked up Notes from Underground and Plato's Republic. Interesting reads to say the least I've been trying to keep my mind and body balanced. Its worked thus far but I don't know for how long.

Anyway, watching some sex and the city. I forgot how much I liked it. Maybe take a nap later on or something. I'm sure I'll write some more.

change ...   
10:23pm 29/12/2003
mood: drained
It's funny.

the people who mean the most to you are the ones that hurt you the most. I know this is a given but its worth a mention.

Cookies ... those are good.

I don't feel so bad anymore.

I feel the same ...

But not as bad ...

I guess thats all for right now ...

I'll be up dating this journal more....
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May I have your attention please ...    
09:28pm 31/07/2003

you've made such such an imperssion on me ...

Friends only
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hello everyone ...   
10:58am 31/07/2003
  This is Isabella542


hope you all add me back.
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